Lint Free Eye Gel Pads (50 pack)

Lint Free Eye Gel Pads (50 pack)

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Treat your clients to a rejuvenating skin treatment while these dual purpose hydro gel eye pads firmly hold the lower lashes in place for super easy eyelash extension application.

Featuring flex-form technology, these eyelash extension pads are tailor made to suit a wide range of eye shapes and sizes and easily contour around the eye. They contain Aloe Extract which offers a range of benefits including hydrating the skin, improving the skin’s natural firmness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles under the eyes.

The patches are 100% lint free, contain few ingredients and are ultra thin, making them perfect for clients with sensitive skin. 

While specifically designed for eyelash extensions, these eyelash extension patches are also ideal for your client’s home use as an under eye anti-ageing treatment, making them a perfect addition to your range of retail products.